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Shocked Seagull Is Shocked (The Awards Post)

by Robert Santafede

Shocked Seagull Is Shocked, photographed by Robert Santafede

.. And he’s not the only one! I’ve been posting on here for about four months now, close to one photo a day. I’ve met a lot of very cool people on here who blog really great things so I decided to take the night off and finally catch up on the awards.

Incoming link overload, and instead of boring you with twenty-one random things about myself I will just list seven. 😉

  1. I’ve been taking ‘snapshots’ for a while, but only became serious and more thoughtful about photography within the past two months. You can go back in my archive and see some of the progression, but don’t because they suck. 😛
  2. I take photos listening to music. I switch genres up as a way to change the mood for a different outlook on what I’m shooting. Try it if you’re ever bored of the same old – same old.
  3. I became interested in “Urban Exploration” photography after seeing this video featuring pictures of Chernobyl: . You should honestly check it out, I think you’ll be amazed.. Very haunting.
  4. I purposely go places that have little reason to take a camera to sometimes, as a challenge to force myself to figure out how to make the photo interesting.
  5. When I don’t do the above, one of the most important aspects I look for in photography is atmosphere & mood.
  6. I don’t watch television – at all.
  7. This is my first blog. I have tumblr, blogspot, livejournal, etc. but the community here beats them all, IMO.


But anyway..


Many thanks to Mehmudah for the Versatile Blogger Award. My nominations, in no order are:


Second, thanks go to Lazaro for the Genuine Blogger Award.


Third, a thank you goes out to Ambre for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


Whew!! Lots of links to great creative blogs! I tried to take into consideration people who don’t choose to participate with awards, but if I’ve nominated you anyway, sorry!



by Robert Santafede

"Obstacles" - photography by Robert Santafede



by Robert Santafede

"Emperor" by Robert Santafede

As a side note, I’ve recently joined Technorati, a blogging directory. To get validated, you have to add your token to the body of a post, so.. 8U3EA4TQZ4Z4


Duck (and cover!)

by Robert Santafede

"Duck & Cover!" by Robert Santafede

Duck (and cover!). Quick, duck! Duck hunt. At the quack of dawn. Peek-ing Duck, etc.



by Robert Santafede

"Chill" by Robert Santafede



by Robert Santafede

"Seven" by Robert Santafede



by Robert Santafede

"Coy" by Robert Santafede



by Robert Santafede

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