by Robert Santafede

"Pallid", a photograph by Robert Santafede

Taking the idea from this older post and continuing to experiment, a sort of combination between black and white, infrared, and over-exposure.

40 Comments to “Pallid”

  1. Nice result. If you have an old camera you can also try by removing the IR filter from the sensor. But be careful about the dust there is almost no way of cleaning the naked sensor with the usual tools.

    • Thanks M.J! It’s funny you should mention that, I was reading about that the other day. I have two dslrs, an older Pentax and a newer Nikon. I’ve been thinking of doing that to the Pentax except I still use some of the old manual lenses and my Nikon collection hasn’t caught up yet. I’m a huge fan of infrared photography, it looks amazing.

  2. Really, really love that look. What a cool idea. You should write a post giving more specific details on the method here, I would love to know more! Regardless, I might have to give this a go, great image.

    • Thanks Z! I think I will one night. It wasn’t too bad, some channel editing, toning and blending. I really enjoy the way it looks on trees – adds a nice fragile look to them, IMO.

  3. Nice job Robert! It looks like the trees are made of ice, and the ground is covered with snowflakes…but of course it’s “just leaves.” πŸ˜‰

    I’m also a big IR fan. Let us know if there’s anyone you recommend to do the sensor conversion.

    Love this image. It has such a sweet ephemeral quality….

    RPRT Photo

    • Thank you! I started photographing in late winter, so I’m trying to make up for lost time, digitally at least! πŸ™‚ I will be sure to let you know, and thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi robert, for a pseduo infrared shot this is excellent. all the plug in filters i have looked at to reproduce a similar look are not very good, and i cannot stretch to the cost of an IR converted Canon body at the moment. A tutorial on how you processed the image and a pictureof the original shot would be excellent if you get the time.


    • Thank you Russ! I’ve tried some plugins just to mess around, but usually found them to be too simplistic. There is really no ‘one size fits all’ for most pictures. I will try and get a tutorial written sometime this weekend. I’d love to hear suggestions on how to make it better also, I’m still learning PS. πŸ™‚

  5. This is beautiful! I’m still getting used to my dslr so unfortunately my photos don’t quite look like this…yet!

  6. Really nice shot ! Fantastic Idea !

  7. Fantastic shot! I need to pick up an IR filter.

  8. Robert, you’ve named this one perfectly! I think you added just enough black to it to emphasize the paleness of the rest. Good photo!

    • Thank you Suzy! Yeah, I really enjoy the way these come out. It really adds much more emphasis, as you’ve said, but also to the detail on the trees as well. Guiding the eye a bit. πŸ™‚

  9. Very nice work. I read about this infrared technique, but haven’t tried it out on any of my photos yet. Do you need several exposures or just a RAW file?

    • Thanks! I used three RAW files, but that was only because I HDR’d the original image, then blended it into the normal exposure RAW file. From there I started to do the conversion. TBH, it’s mostly digital editing, you could probably do just fine with a JPG, but the extreme light & dark would be much more subtle unless you dodge and burn them a lot. I might try that later on, just out of curiosity. πŸ™‚

  10. Appears to be an infra red effect. nice.

  11. The experiment was successful!!! Great post processing.

    • Thanks, Ken! That means a lot to me, coming from you. Your ‘postcard’ post really got my attention and motivated me to learn and try some different approaches with presentation and processing.

  12. A beautiful, surreal wonderland. Nice job!

  13. A fairyland! I love this photo!

  14. The effect is wonderful!

  15. Good experiment: Beautiful photo!

  16. Β‘Impresionantemente bella!

    Breathtakingly beautiful!

  17. Great shot!
    And thx for the like πŸ™‚

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