Duck (and cover!)

by Robert Santafede

"Duck & Cover!" by Robert Santafede

Duck (and cover!). Quick, duck! Duck hunt. At the quack of dawn. Peek-ing Duck, etc.

27 Responses to “Duck (and cover!)”

  1. That quacks me up!

  2. You know you were going to get at least one awwwww…so there you go!

  3. amazing picture…
    amazingly taken 😀
    beautiful one

  4. Love your work Robert, thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope to share lots more of both yours and mine.

  5. Great shot and very punny..;-) Talk about getting all your ducks in a row..

  6. they are so cute…and the one is looking like a baby!Excellent!!!!

  7. tops the Awww! factor – love the photo!

  8. Gorgeous – you had to duck quite low to get this one I think! Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking one of the pieces – am now following yours – good to see such a variety of images and such concentrated looking – Strike also caught my eye – those textures like a painting.

  9. How ADORABLE are these wee ones?! Awesome shot. Love photographing wildlife…such innocence and beauty.

    A few summers back we had a family of Mallards visit us every day. We watched the ducklings grow up and eventually, all line up and take flight in late August, just as the sun was setting. From that day on, only two of the ducks visited. It was such a great summer and we hope each year to be blessed again.

    • Thank you, Milkayphoto! I enjoy photographing them also, it’s always a fun time and is usually challenging.

      That sounds like a nice summer! I stumbled into these wandering around a lake. The mother duck was chasing seagulls away while the young ones were running around all over the place. Had her work cut out for her!

  10. Oh dear Robert, how beautiful and lovely… as if hiding from you… made me smile too. As my cat, she hides in a box but only her head in the box and I can see her… Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  11. I solved the “Technical problems with WordPress” that I wrote about, so now I can click like & comment.
    This photo is very funny & it’s nicely captured. I also wanted to say that Angeline’s comment was funny too.


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