by Robert Santafede

"Obstacles" - photography by Robert Santafede

10 Comments to “Obstacles”

  1. A big one! Is that animal rolling its eyes?

  2. I don’t believe it was, it was more of a ‘food plz’ look. 🙂

  3. It’s a shame that there were those obstacles… but it’s a fascinating picture.

  4. Great composition. Very interesting shot.

  5. Made me smile!

  6. I like the fencing in front of the goat! Maybe he is thinking, “Can you let me out?” Or maybe he is just wondering if you are going to feed him. I find it amusing that we stare at animals and they stare back at us. I wonder what really is going on behind their eyes?

    • Ditto, I wonder that sometimes too. In person he was quite energetic, pushing the fence slightly (thus the title), but in the picture he looks fairly bored and not very impressed with the outside world. Made me smile when I pulled it up to take a look how it came out. Wasn’t expecting that.

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