by Robert Santafede

"Gift" by Robert Santafede

16 Comments to “Gift”

  1. It’s black and white, but I can almost see the colors of the gift.

    • The body is dark brown, and the facial designs & feet are in green and yellow. I thought about using the color version, but I really enjoy how it looked in b&w. Plus I need more practice toning!

  2. Another of your images that I really like, although this one does seem somehow intrusive, although I can’t quite put my finger on why.

  3. Thank you CK! That’s interesting you get an intrusive feel, I’d be curious to know why when you do.

  4. I also like this photo Robert. The composition of this photograph is very interesting. I wonder if the reason why CK mentioned the photograph feeling intrusive was due to the gentleman’s hand in the picture. It appears that he is gripping the item a little tightly almost as if he wants to hide it from the camera. Well done!

  5. The gift seems to be appreciated. His hand is keeping a tight grip around it! Nice shot.


  6. By ‘intrusive’ I don’t necessarily mean that negatively. It’s an incredibly intimate shot and I think because ALL you can see of the man is his hand makes it seem really personal and, as I mentioned, intimate.

    • I understand. I didn’t think you meant it negatively really, I was just curious. One of the things that fascinates me almost more than the picture itself is the interpretation. Thanks again for your comment (and clarification!).

  7. How impressive… You decided right about black and white, it almost brought out the gift. Beautiful dear Robert, Thank you, with my love, nia

  8. I was looking this image about ten minutes,trying to understand the gift.
    But my eye couldn’t go away from the hand.The hand is the gift for me in this image.A working hand that gives a gift from the heart!

    • Thank you for your comment, Dimitris. That’s pretty interesting, and was something I also thought when I was adjusting the b&w. It’s nice seeing a more ‘old school’ gift being given. It added some depth instead of it being a phone/etc.

  9. Remarkable shot that got me curious enough to explore all details! Nice work!

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