by Robert Santafede

"Emperor" by Robert Santafede

As a side note, I’ve recently joined Technorati, a blogging directory. To get validated, you have to add your token to the body of a post, so.. 8U3EA4TQZ4Z4

13 Comments to “Emperor”

  1. This one is elegant.

  2. Great use of negative space. Very nice photo.

  3. This is amazing, fascinated me dear Robert. Thank you, by the way I have visited the website but I can’t find you dear Robert. With my love, nia

  4. beautiful and all the more effective because you’ve placed it at the edge of the photo..

  5. Thank you for visiting my site, Robert. One of my favorite parts of blogging is meeting others with similar interests. Great composition and marvelous tones in The Emperor.

    • Thanks Dave. Your photos are amazing!

      • Well, it is always gratifying to an amateur like me when a professional acknowledges his snapshots. You are very kind. By the way, There is another of your photos here on your blog that it just exceptional in my estimation. I think you call it The Wanderer, and I am going hunting for it right now so I can enjoy it again.

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