by Robert Santafede

"Ladders", a black and white photograph taken by Robert Santafede

43 Comments to “Ladders”

  1. Very nice silhouette photo!!! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Is that a ROLLER COASTER? Great image..

  3. A nice abstract shot! 🙂

  4. Excellent graphic shot!

  5. I am amazed at how tame that old roller coaster looks, compared to the wild rides of today. It looks doubly abandoned because you know that at one time it was probably the center attraction of someplace and people were happy and screaming as they rode on it. It looks lonely.

    Great photo! I am posting it on Pinterest this morning (on my Photographie Noir et Blanc board)

  6. Just found you – because you found me! Black and white says so much without shouting about it.
    Particularly like this shot because the more I look at it the more I lose my sense of scale. Sounds weird but it’s pretty cool!

    • Thanks Noeline! I agree about black and white, I find myself enjoying them more and more. It forces my eye to focus on the shape and layout, rather than any distractions by color – in this shot anyway. 🙂 Your photography and blog is beautiful!

  7. I get a mild heart attack just looking at Ferris wheels.

  8. excellent shot here.. love the smoothness of the image

  9. Otro contraluz espectacular Robert!!

    Another spectacular cross-light Robert!!

  10. wow – almost Escher-like! This is beautiful, Robert.

  11. love this shot..unique perspective

  12. Thank you! Your Westminster entry is excellent!

  13. Nice photo. You don’t need that much HDR style like in other post to get a strong image 😉

    • Thanks but this is HDR (3 step, IIRC) also.. I’m not sure which post is the other you’re referring to, to be able to compare what you mean. 😉

      • WOW!, that is a big surprise, not even a million years I’d thought this was an HDR, I thought you directly exposed for the sky or maybe you used a neutral density filter.
        I don’t know much about HDR, so from my ignorance I’m asking … If the photo is an HDR, souldn’t we be able to see what here is total darknes (the roller-coaster tracks)?. As far as I know an HDR (High Dinamic Range) is exactly that, an image where the dinamic range of the image let us get imformation all over the photo and here the roller-coaster tracks are with out any info (I mean pitch black), am I right on this?.
        Sorry I meaner “… like in ther postS to get …” I didn’t type the S, so basically I was talking about all the post that have that HDR look.

        • That’s assuming the HDR is being processed by the camera. I use the camera to take three separate exposures, but that’s it. Very similar to taking b&w photos on a digital camera. Shoot in color – the black and white toning comes in post processing. In the end, you have MUCH better control versus having your camera discard all color information. The same is true for HDR.

          This photo was taken with the intent of the coaster tracks being silhouetted. The idea was to morph the tracks into looking as more of a surreal ladder bending in every which way. The HDR applied was much more subtle – but still necessary (IMO) to get the sky the way it’s done. That doesn’t mean the dark has to become light always, how boring that would be! I ultimately decided against using a color version (which would’ve probably made the HDR ‘effect’ on the sky much more obvious).

          But as far as the ‘hdr look’, I’m assuming you’re talking about the super high contrast clouds in my other photos? Every photo on this site for probably the past month has been HDR, not just those.

          and here:


          is probably the closest thing you’re thinking about, textbook-wise, as far as HDR.

          Each photo is a different mood, each mood requires different processing. 🙂

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