by Robert Santafede

"Cover" by Robert Santafede

24 Comments to “Cover”

  1. This looks like the same place that you took a photo and flipped it over to the side. Correct?
    Anyway: cool location and great picture.

  2. Perfect shot, the clouds make the shot very moody..:-)

  3. Beautiful shot Robert, I think those clouds made the shot really stand out, excellent !!

  4. By now you know that I like all of your photos…some more than others and this is one I like a lot. Standing on my patio this morning I looked across the field opposite my apartment and the trees swaying in the wind so it sort of opened up a window for me….and I noticed—I knew it was there of course, but I really SAW it this morning–an abandoned grain elevator near the railroad tracks. It reminded me of what you photograph and made me itch to dig out my old 35mm camera and take it in for a good cleaning and overhaul.

    • Thank you, Suzy!! I’m glad to hear that! I am honored by your words, they are very encouraging. 🙂 I hope you do get your camera back in order and take some photos, it’s great for the soul. 🙂

  5. Amazing. Yes the coulds at the icing on the cake. Awesome capture mate.

  6. Cheers, Murdoch! Your urbex photos are top notch!

  7. Great photo Robert. Love the lighting and the cumulus clouds encroaching on the house.

  8. love it!it looks kind of surreal with that incredible lighting.

  9. Take haunting images much? : ) I like.

  10. A very painterly photo if that makes sense. The light gives the depth a film set or sci-fi construct. It has a great deal of ‘inness’ about it despite the holes and its battered state. (Hope some of this makes sense) I’ve enjoyed exploring the image v much. Thanks for sharing 😉

    • Thank you for all your kind words and your comment! You do amazing work! Your “Distressing Door” entry was very interesting to see and read. Thank you for your visit and I look forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂

  11. Like this very much (looks like my shed, which has marginally more roof than this but not for long…) The dilapidation is very romantic, with the textures of the wood juxtaposed to the moody sky. Lovely image.

  12. I REALLY like this photo! As you can tell from your visit (and thank you for stopping by) I’m a novice at photography. Old buildings are such fantastic “subjects”. Nicely done!!!

    • Thank you, prairiegodmotherhy! I agree, they make great subjects, usually full of rich texture and stories. 🙂 My pleasure to visit your blog, and thank you for visiting mine! 🙂

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