Casting Shadows

by Robert Santafede

"Casting Shadows", a black and white architecture photograph by Robert Santafede

44 Comments to “Casting Shadows”

  1. WOW! The light amazingly has been captured. I loved this B&W shot… so impressive… But your all photographs are always so impressive… Fascinating. Thank you dear Robert, Love, nia

  2. The tonality of this shot is amazing, have you merged bracketed shots? If tis has been done with HDR it is a masterpiece

    • Thanks Russ! Yeah, it was merged and HDR’d. The lighting was really perfect that day, it was about 5pm and not many clouds. I was tempted to leave it in color, but I really wanted the focus to be on the lighting. The color distracts it from that, I think.

  3. This is a terrific shot, Robert. The sliver of sunlight is very nice.

  4. Miami, Florida has no real architecture of interest like this. It is a shame that I can appreciate such things only in photos of other places. But at least you provide the photos on your blog.

  5. Amazing place!!! Great picture…

  6. I have to echo everyone else because this photo is truly amazing!

  7. Great shot, Robert – like how I imagine hyper-reality to be.

  8. It reminds me of that Escher print too, Robert, except that the staircase actually goes somewhere, and there aren’t any strange creatures slinking around…besides the photographer, of course! 😉

    RPRT Photo

    • Haha, I try not to slink around too much! Well, at least until everyone cleared out and let me take the photo. Thanks for your kind words and comments, rprtphoto! 🙂

  9. Absolutely stunning image! The ‘Like’ option goes nowhere near fare enough to do the image justice! As sedge808 and rprtphoto say, this is very Escher, and it’s actually hard to identify this as a photograph, rather than a piece of art! Very well done! 🙂

    • Thanks CK! I agree about it not really looking like a photograph.. In the full resolution it really looks more like a painting. I like the processing on this one, the lighting that day really begged for HDR. I was very pleased how it came out. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  10. Beautiful…beautiful…beautiful…Wow. Details, tonality, how the light leads to the door. Man this is really a great shot!

  11. Marvelous!

  12. Wow! The light in this shot is beautiful 🙂

  13. ¡Preciosa imagen Robert!. me encanta ese rayo de sol

    Precious image Robert!. I am charmed with this beam of the Sun

  14. Wow! The image looks — dreamed rather than photographed.

  15. Hi Robert. HDR color images frequently disturb me because they often look so obviously ‘false’ and authors don’t usually tweak the colors to take advantage of this, but in B/W, as here, you have created an art form which tonally is beautifully controlled. Once again your mastery of placement, division and conscious cropping of the base of the left hand section of building has created a tension between the left and right sides giving us a sense of mystery and imminence. Even Romeo and Juliet dare not perform on this stage. Visionary work. Tell me, do you know what you want from the outset, or does the image metamorphose through different forms until you discover the one that you want?
    Regards, John.

    • Indeed, I’ve seen some over-saturated HDR that my eyes needed a few minutes to recover from! Adjusting all the settings and levels really lets you ‘own’ (for lack of a better word) that image, to finish giving it the mood you’re conveying.

      As far as your question, it’s really both. There are some times where I just will wander and purposely get lost, just to discover a new area and to experiment. Other times I’m fairly planned out. I do a decent bit of traveling and don’t have too much time to take photos so I usually have to be fairly methodical when it comes to timing and planning. This particular shot was one of the later. I really suppose that’s true for all photographers though.

      Post processing wise, it’s also both. I’ve been to many areas where everything was beyond mundane and not interesting in the least. Those are the days I’m thankful for software. Haha. 😀

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