by Robert Santafede

"308", a black and white urbex photograph by Robert Santafede

31 Comments to “308”

  1. Like, like

  2. Standing so dramatic… I loved it dear Robert, especially the B&W hits so strongly… Thank you, have a nice new week, love, nia

  3. A striking and beautiful monochrome Robert, regards, John.

  4. I like the heavy shadows on this, especially with their diagonal lines. It gives it a little more tension.

  5. As usual, deep and though-tprovoking and beautiful.

  6. the tattered looking blinds make it, nice.

  7. Elegant composition, Robert. I like it a lot.

  8. Beautiful ! Love your B&W toning

  9. Reminds me of architectural drawings we did in college. Really nice!

  10. This one is so beautiful!

  11. In all your work, Robert, I admire your ability to frame the subject and this and the more recent Indian architectural view epitomises your confidence in placement and the use of space around details like this window. The result is that your pictures feel totally right and authoritative. I notice too your selective use of sharpening. You bring out the wonderful tactile feel of the walls, but leave the shadowy detail through the window with all its subtle tonal gradations. I greatly respect your creative discernment.
    Regards, John.

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