by Robert Santafede

"Crown", black and white photography by Robert Santafede

36 Comments to “Crown”

  1. It’s my impression that your neighboorhood has started to improve. Gentrification? 😀

  2. I like the contrasts and perspective.

  3. I agree with Cardinal Guzman…you are definitely traveling in better neighborhoods!

  4. So, when are you having us over for the weekend? Hey, this is really different for you. I like the ominousness of it. Although I’m not sure that is a word.

  5. I love the angles and perspective of this one Robert.. and the title fits it so well!

  6. So imprressive… and as always hits with the title… You are amazing and so creative in photography. Thank you dear Robert, with my love, nia

  7. I just loved this photograph………
    it’s a place I dream of staying in, if even just for a day.

  8. Spectacular!

  9. This photo is just…beatiful. I love the b&w and the angle…man, man. Amazing shot. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Highly dramatic B&W. I like your subjects and your perspectives. However, I think that your pictures have their own meaning even without all that post-production. I admit that I’m not a heavy PP lover, because I think that your pictures can be outstanding just in the way you see them. Sorry to be so sincere.

    • No need to apologize for sincerity! I appreciate it.. I do have to admit though, I agree and disagree. I would agree that pictures can be excellent without ‘heavy’ post processing, but disagree in that if done to the photographers specifications or vision, it can be just as good. It’s more of an “Art is Art” kind of thing in my opinion.

      I’ve been taking photos for probably close to six months now, and only recently began post processing them in HDR and adjusting levels. But – at this point – I don’t consider myself as a ‘documentary’ photographer (is that even a term? :)). I find some places that I take photos of to be fairly mundane and boring – so if by post-processing them to create a better and more interesting atmosphere, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m not looking to post a photo of a specific place to necessarily share a realistic view – there are probably millions of photographers who have better gear and a better eye than I who have already done it.

      With that said though, I scrutinize myself while doing PP work – just because I know it’s easy to get carried away. I will work on a photo and before publishing it, come back after a few days and look it over to see if I still enjoy the final result. One of my biggest issues is I REALLY enjoy dark photos, which walks a fine line sometimes, considering it hides a good amount of detail and can ‘muddy’ the photo up.

      But anyway.. Thank you for your comment, Stefano!

  11. Very cool, looks like something from a Poe novel…:-)

  12. Cocktails on the turret would be nice.

  13. . Your shots are marvelous!

  14. ¡Me encanta Robert! ¡por fin una que no esta destrozada jajajajajajaja¡ es broma, sabes que me encantan, pero esta es preciosa tiene un aire tan antiguo, la perspectiva es genial y las nubes impactan muchísimo, abrazos

    I am charmed with Robert! Finally one that not this ruined jajajajajajaja it is a joke, you know that I am charmed with, but this one is precious has such an ancient air, the perspective is brilliant and the clouds strike very much, embraces

  15. Very nice, Robert…love the turret, the dark sky, and the dark building. I’ve been torn about the post-processing, also, but have determined, like you, that it’s part of my vision of the place or situation, my rendering, my art. Thank you, again, for your beautiful and inspiring work. Scott

    • Thank you, Scott! I remember seeing your post, “Enrichment”, and I believe that’s an excellent example. Both are beautiful, but in their own separate way. It’s up to the photographer which version(s) he publishes, and what worlds he wishes to create for the viewer. Off to leave you a comment on that photo, I thought I already did! 🙂

  16. Sometimes your print style reminds me of W. Eugene Smith. He liked his images dark and moody. Have you ever seen his work? He has been described as the father of the photographic essay and he used his camera to promote social change. If you ever get the chance, have a look at the book about him and his work entitled Let Truth Be the Prejudice. You’ll see what I mean about dark and moody.

    • I actually hadn’t, so thank you for the recommendation! I just read up a little on him and saw some of his photography.. Amazing work! I will need to check that book out and learn more. I’m also a fan of Mary Ellen Mark, I appreciate her “darker” and more moody approach to photography. Thanks again Dave!

      • It’s kind of cool discovering who other photographers like. I know about MEM and have seen a bit of her work. Will have to study her more. My dad taught me photography and always said that studying other great photographer’s works was the best way to expand my thinking in new creative ways.

  17. well my first thought as I scroll down was “oh my”, love it!

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