by Robert Santafede

"Venom" by Robert Santafede

29 Comments to “Venom”

  1. Very beautifull! I should click by every picture on the “like” button…:-)

  2. Another great shot from Robert!

  3. Hmmmm….this is gorgeous! The name Venom makes me curious though. Is there something inside we should know about? Windows open for ventilation …

  4. Wonderful sense of drama in this, Robert. Great shot.

  5. Robert: This is a great image…well done…thanks for stopping by Elm Drive Images and giving me a, “Like,”

  6. What is the story behind your choice of title here ?

    • It was titled more because of the things found inside it. It was a defunct industrial space with no regards to any type of clean up. So “Venom” in this particular usage was in more of a metaphorical sense at the disregard for who or what would wander in while the doors were left open.

  7. Lots of emotion in this one…I like the brewing storm and the quiet waiting of the old building that has seen many in its lifetime. Very nice.

  8. I was almost afraid to open this post….thought there might be a snake….Great photo!

  9. I have nominated YOU for the Versatile Blogger Award:



  10. I think I have probably “liked” most of your posts. I can’t help myself. The combination of your subject choices and processing style had me at hello 🙂 I really enjoy your photos!

  11. I am really enjoying myself as I sip on my coffee and discover your amazing photos! Bravo Robert!

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