Your City Lies In Dust, My Friend

by Robert Santafede

"Your City Lies In Dust, My Friend", photograph by Robert Santafede

There was a Russian MMO I used to play. Decent graphics (obvious steampunk-ish influences, at least on one side), free to play, and moderately fun.

There’s a specific moment when you are aboard an airship – which reminds me of this photo. Clouds out of the windows in every direction.  When I loaded up this photo and rotated it, I couldn’t help but be reminded how great that looked.. And was unable to rotate it back to it’s original state.

How much more interesting that would’ve been, instead of a ceiling inside of an abandoned industrial warehouse. 😉

16 Comments to “Your City Lies In Dust, My Friend”

  1. Good you couldn’t rotate it back….looks really good.

  2. I agree: the photo has more qualities rotated like you present it. Good job.

  3. I do like those clouds in the windows. Great shot!

  4. Great shot, Robert. I think those little green sections make a huge difference.

  5. Great shot/ comp. The lighting is so much more interesting from the left than from above. It does have a strangely SF feel to it. Like it a lot.

  6. Oh my, that’s majestic!

  7. First of all, your title of photographs hits me… then your amazing compositions… and then the colours especially the contrast between them… You are one of my favorite photographers, I love your photography. There is always something to say us in your shots. This was great again… The sky and the old abandoned industrial warehouse, so impressive,… and this green part, amazing! Thank you dear Robert, with my love, nia

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