by Robert Santafede

"Driftwood" a black and white photo by Robert Santafede

33 Comments to “Driftwood”

  1. Very nice….something alive and moving!

  2. Ahh…love those black and whites! Spectacular…just so soothing to the senses, with a certain air of nostalgia…

  3. Beautiful turbulent light, Robert. And I can recommend a Sinatra soundtrack.

    • Thanks Richard! It was a My Bloody Valentine kind of day! Kind of explains the relaxed attitude to the shot, I guess. I actually haven’t heard much Sinatra, actually, unless you’re talking about Jr. For some weird reason. Gotta fix that.

  4. Very nice! Good contrast. Where was this taken? Looks like a nice place to be.

    • Thank you, Joylene. This was taken on the west coast of Florida in a place called Sims Park. There was supposed to be a location nearby, actually to the right of the photo, that would’ve been great for urbexing – but it turns out they’ve already re-modeled it and everything is neat and pretty already. Down here for the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. I actually just finished it about seven hours ago, thus the new pic. Exhausted and my feet hurt, along with three cards worth of photos! Well worth it though! πŸ™‚

  5. I think my heart skipped a beat when this photo popped up, exllnt job!

  6. My heart definitely skipped a beat when this photo popped up!

  7. I fall in love with this photograph… so beautiful dear Robert, Thank you, with my love, nia

  8. This one really draws me in. I love it.

  9. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL shot Robert, Very soothing ,the sky is magnificent !! Great capture.

  10. Precioso paisaje, absolutamente maravilloso!!! el blanco y negro espectacular, saludos

    Precious landscape, absolutely wonderful!!! The white and spectacular black, regards

    • Gracias, Manoli! QuerΓ­a foto de un edificio abandonado que estaba a la derecha de la foto, pero fue reconstruido! Esta foto la tomΓ© mΓ‘s tarde ese dΓ­a, dando vueltas.

  11. Fantastic capture.. The clouds bring a rich layer of moodiness to this photo.

  12. Magnificent photographs, they`ve got something special.Congratulations for your blog,I will add it to my blogroll πŸ™‚

  13. Hello Robert, I’ve seen a lot of wonderful B&W shots in your blog! This one is amazing! It’s so difficult to manage the B&W in a landscape shot but you did it in a so effective way!

  14. That sky is amazing! So dramatic. Bet it would have been much less interesting in colour.

    • Thanks, and I agree. In color it just looked like it was missing something. Your photos & blog are great!

      • Thanks Robert, I see you posted another fantastic sky in black and white. Awesome!
        Hey do you use any kind of a filter to get the sky looking so good? I remember years ago I had a yellow filter for use with black and white film and it was good for these kind of sky shots. I don’t suppose it works the same with digital though.

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