One Way Up

by Robert Santafede

"One Way Up", a photograph by Robert Santafede

11 Responses to “One Way Up”

  1. Buenísima perspectiva! me gusta!

    Very good perspective! I like it!

  2. I tried to read your previous post Pallid to check your follw-up on my comment, but when I click on the link the site tries to redirect me to this cryptical adress:

    I have no idea why, if it’s just this computer, if it’s temporary or if it’s a general technical problem… All your other posts seem to be working fine.

    • Never mind. Now it’s ok again!

      • Hm, weird. May be a browser problem, or on wordpress’ end. I know you will get a (brief) login redirect when you’re trying to leave a comment on a wordpress blog that has a dns redirect. It will usually do it automatically, and you would only notice if you watch your statusbar. If you have noscript or a cookie issue, it will leave a blank page with a url that would probably look similar to the one you left or continue to get stuck in a loop.

        On the other hand, wordpress has been having some issues lately, specifically with the reader and post handling, from what I read. I’m not sure if those two share any similarities though.

        But yeah, I don’t control any aspect of this site, back-end wise. I use, not .org so the themes are from them. The only thing I did was pay 20$ to redirect * to *.com. This blog is on their servers.

        This may be of use if it happens to you again:

        Going to edit the link you left out though since I’m pretty sure that’s your SID and I don’t want anyone else clicking it. 🙂

  3. Love this! It reminds me of an old tv show “Petticoat Junction”


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