by Robert Santafede

"Sentimental" by Robert Santafede

17 Comments to “Sentimental”

  1. The screen door reminds me of my grandmother’s front screen door.This is sentimental! Love the peeling paint and the wood porch leading to the door.

  2. Thanks Angeline. Too funny – it also reminds me of my grandparents house when I was a little kid, sitting on the steps of the porch. That’s why I used that angle. 🙂

  3. I like the simplicity of this image. The off angles of the wood, the peeling paint, the sepia tones… Really nice shot!

  4. Very effective perspective 🙂

  5. Remembrance of a great past.
    you do not know how many memories just streamed through my head………
    you have a talent in choosing what to picture

  6. Cool shot, the composition is really interesting..:-)

  7. This really is sentimental. I was reminded of my previous house. Going by the comments, it’s very effective 🙂

  8. Hi Rob loving your work..have now included you in Blogroll.


    • Thank you Mark! I need to redo mine. I didn’t know what a ‘blogroll’ was used for when I started on here.

      • :-0) Well I’m sure you know now. Just stick in the wordpress addresses of the people you wish to follow and that others can see that you are following, them and then they can also follow if they wish. I guess it’s all about Networking. Take care

  9. Nice.
    No more compliments from me today.

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