The End of an Era

by Robert Santafede

"The End of an Era" - a photograph by Robert Santafede

38 Comments to “The End of an Era”

  1. Nice shot, nice clouds 😉

  2. Thanks! I don’t understand something – I’m following you, but none of your posts are on my dashboard.. I usually go back to the prior day and like/leave comments on everything I’ve missed. I’ve seen you uploaded several new things that I’ve never seen before.

  3. I wonder looking at this if it is an old farm windmill? Some of the broken scaffolding reminds me of how the windmills were built in years long past.

    • It could honestly be, wandering around and investigating this I stayed just as clueless as to what it was before as after. I also thought the same thing, and still kind of do after editing the images.

  4. I will huff & puff…

  5. This is very good. You’ve captured a dose of daily drama here.

  6. my introduction to “urbex”. Thanks for the new word.

  7. Just makes me wonder…

  8. I don’t see how these area of the American rust belt will ever recover.

  9. Very cool shot, with the sky it almost looks post apocalyptic..:-)

  10. ¿Que es una casa?
    Sigo diciéndote que tienes un arte espectacular para conseguir esos tonos, ¡me encanta!

    • ¡Gracias! Me encanta los tonos desaturados también. Todavía no estoy seguro de qué es exactamente lo que una vez fue. Simplemente hermoso ahora, tal como es. Gracias por sus comentarios, y lo siento por mi mal español! 🙂

      • Para nada mal español, te entiendo perfectamente, pero si quieres escribe en ingles que yo lo traduzco con google, gracias por contestar, saludos

        Not bad at Spanish, I understand perfectly, but if you want to write in English that I translate it with google, thanks for answering, greetings

  11. What a “wow” pic!

  12. The wood looks like it has been plated in silver. Very cool1

  13. I have the same issue as someone else, I’m following but don’t receive notice. Great photo here, love the perspective as well as the demise.

    • Thank you! My latest problem, it seems wordpress doesn’t like me clicking the ‘like’ button from the reader, it works fine when I visit the site though. I think these problems may be on their end as a few people have recently made threads in the support forum about them.

  14. Wonderful title, and amazing photograph… I loved it so much. Your photographs are always so beautiful and impressive. Thank you dear Robert, have a nice day, Love, nia

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