Slow Motion

by Robert Santafede

"Slow Motion", a black and white urbex photo by Robert Santafede

36 Comments to “Slow Motion”

  1. Time seems to have stopped altogether. 🙂

  2. You’ll have to keep your eye on this Robert.. will it fall completely do you think?

    • I think so, unfortunately. If not through time, then probably from other people. Inside the first room it looks like someone attempted to light it on fire (and failed) as it looked fairly recent. Quite a shame .

  3. More drama from Robert 🙂 What kind of neighborhood do you live in?!?

  4. Nice clouds too!

  5. This is great! The whole look with the sky and dry grasses is amazing. I have to wonder what our fascination is with old houses and barns…they draw me in too.

    • Thanks Angeline! For me, places like this are interesting because aside from looking great, they’re disconnected. The world we live in is always ‘on’. Roads leading right to the driveway, electricity powering the whole house, people blogging their thoughts, knowing where everything is via Google Earth & GPS. It’s refreshing to run into spots like these, left abandoned, just waiting for you to document their existence in their current state. It also becomes more of a psychological curiosity also, wondering who lived here before, why they left it, etc.

  6. This is an amazing shot. I just love the drama created in this shot. Its brilliant.

  7. Definitely not shelter in the storm

  8. Antie Em! Antie Em! 🙂

    First thing that came into my head….you certainly are on a roll with images perfect for movie stills!

  9. ¡Fantástica Robert! la perspectiva genial, esas hierbas que casi se meten en la casa, y esa luz dando en ella, todo bello, saludos

    Robert Fantastic! great perspective, these herbs that almost get into the house and giving it that light, all beautiful, greetings

  10. Me encantan los sitios asi !!! I love to find places like this and just immagine what it was like ! Great shot ! I would be there for hours 🙂

  11. I too wonder at their stories … great photo.

  12. Nice black & white with desolate building and an angry clouds. Great contrast, sharp exposure and great subject. Two thumbs up.

  13. Thank-you for visiting!!!

  14. Hi Robert,

    I love all the different textures in this image: the peeling paint, the disintegrating roofing, the dry weeds, the soft clouds. So much richness in a B&W image! Nice work. 🙂

    RPRT Photo

  15. Stunning. I stopped breathing for a moment. Thank you for liking my post, btw.

  16. Reblogged this on Plucky Umbrella and commented:
    robert is all about beauty in the decay, check it out. verrry nice.

  17. Diggin’ your style! Thanks for stopping by my visual musings (both times)!!!

  18. Hey Robert, thanks very much for following my blog 🙂 I just love this incredible photo – the drama! And the delicacy – almost luminous – of the light tones. Nicely done.

    • My pleasure! Your photos are excellent, I especially enjoyed your “Grey Fog” post! Thank you for your kind words and visit. Look forward to seeing more of your blog. 🙂

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