by Robert Santafede

"Hollow", an urbex photo by Robert Santafede

21 Comments to “Hollow”

  1. That’s an interesting take on the photo challenge.
    I absolutely adore the texture in your photographs.

    • Thanks Face! Yesterdays post was the photo challenge, but I suppose I could’ve used this one also. 🙂 Some of the best textures come from old, abandoned places. Nothing better to do with their time than age to perfection. 🙂

  2. Love how the mould/ mildew in this shot is so graphic. I can almost smell it. Great shot.

  3. Another great shot – how do you get this effect?

    • Thanks, CK! This was processed very similar to this one, as far as HDR and desaturating. TBH, the photo itself didn’t contain much color aside from the trees outside of the window and the sky. Everything was already a very pale grey or white except from the wood color which I saturated a little more to get it to ‘pop’ a little more.

  4. ¡Fántastica!, como siempre, esa persiana rota cuenta tantas cosas, un abrazo

  5. The cherry on the cake for me looking at this is that fabulous sunlit effect on the wall

  6. Really nice photo, love the line pattern throughout.

    • Thanks, Christina.. Lines everywhere! I would’ve preferred the lighting to be a bit better, and I probably should’ve used a different lens, but I hate changing lenses in places like this. Lots of dirt & dust in the air. The lines going everywhere is what drove me to post it.

  7. awesome shot robert, i think the post-processing was perfect here, really brought out the feel of the place

  8. Wonderful composition. Especially like the colour tones and use of lines Creates an abstract quality without lose of the actual subject-setting.

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