by Robert Santafede

"Runaway" by Robert Santafede

Runaway, zero exposure

Original image, regular exposure

Runaway, merged and tweaked

The exposures have been merged in Photomatix Pro, the settings tweaked. Saved and loaded into Photoshop, added a b&w gradient map, adjusted the blend mode.  Added a levels adjustment mask to get very heavy contrast and a ‘darker’ feel.

Opened the original regular exposure file again in Camera RAW -> Photoshop, paste as a new layer to the HDR image, change layer blend mode and opacity to dull the colors down some. Adjust as necessary to avoid that “over HDR” look.

I’m sure there are plenty of easier (and better) ways to do this – I had received an email asking about how I edited a previous photo.

With the above said, I still prefer the original, just a b&w version of it! I fall victim to HDR when clouds are usually involved though.

36 Comments to “Runaway”

  1. Both version are very interesting. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. its a good original shot to begin with. good processing too.. very nice

  3. Great result. I’m just starting to learn more than levels in photoshop, very interesting to hear your process.

  4. Dear Robert, the first one it one of your best of… So beautiful and standing so impressive… as if the road will take me too… I loved it so much. As I understand that you take your photographs in RAW, and they all prefer this and advice this BUT, how can you upload to your pc… I live a problem when I take RAW my photographs… I wait for my son, to solve this problem but now, when I read you I wanted to ask you too. I would be glad to hear your help about this. Thank you, with my love, nia

  5. B&W is so powerful – really nice

  6. Really nice dramatic processing. Great transformation.

  7. Nice to see the progression, and how you achieved the end result. Great cloud drama!

  8. Great images.. Love the intense colors in the first!

  9. For some reason the B&W screams 1930’s America.

  10. Nice composition and processing. I agree the BW looks like 1930’s America. Good job 🙂

  11. Nice work on the colors. You can use filters instead of hdr.

    • Thanks F-stops. I’ll admit I haven’t played around too much with filters aside from the high pass one. I should investigate more.

      • Neutral Density filters are useful for high contrast skies/clouds and grounds. I use HDR too, but I’m more inclined to use classic exposure blending. It depend what kind of image I want to do. Anyway, for both tecniques filters are always very useful tools.

  12. Adore shot of train tracks, and your B&W is one of my new favourites – lovely!

  13. Thank you for liking my blog. Love this. I agree with the comments about the 1930s look – I can almost hear old blues music. Your photos are beautiful, so atmospheric.

  14. Cudos for describing your technique.

  15. Incredible photo(s)…and I enjoyed the science that went into it…thank you for the explanation…although the picture stands alone as wonderful.

  16. A wonderful photo, I love it’s dramatic effect and thanks for sharing the recipe !

  17. This is so classy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. We like train and train runway. You post good train line photos.

  19. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with black & white. I miss and liked B&W. Good work

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