by Robert Santafede

"Vibrato", a black and white architecture urbex photograph by Robert Santafede

20 Comments to “Vibrato”

  1. “notes” leading up?

    • Hadn’t thought of that, but I think that works too. 🙂 One of the pieces of metal towards the top wavered in the wind fairly quickly, creating an interesting vibrato effect. I had been walking around for about a half hour taking photos before I finally realized what specifically was creating that sound. Thanks for your comment, Suzy!

  2. Really like the tone of this, and the composition’s great.

    • Hmm, highly unlikely. I’m not quite sure what happened there though. It’s a fairly odd structure, it’s almost cut perfectly in half, with the missing bricks scattered all over the floor. Also covered in graffiti except high up enough where I took the photo. Completely abandoned, and been that way for probably five years now. No name on the building, and I can’t find any other information about what it even used to be.

  3. Did you get this shot at Hogwarts?

  4. Amazing shot! Love it.

  5. Very nice picture.

  6. ¡Simple y bella!. ¿se puede pedir más?

    Simple and beautiful!. Can you ask for?

  7. Really beautiful perspectives Robert. And B&W feels much more “true” than colour. 🙂


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