Plant 5

by Robert Santafede

"Plant 5" Photography by Robert Santafede

7 Comments to “Plant 5”

  1. Great photo, I like the color spots in the black-and-white.

  2. Love that little hint of blue among the B&W. just enough!
    It’s interesting that a photograph can make something beautiful that our eyes might not see.

    • I agree Lois, especially in these types of environments. I hardly ever use a wider angle lens except in places like this for that exact reason. There can be a lot to take in. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  3. Having worked for several years at the EPA, I found this a bit worrisome. From the EPA point of view, the site looks like a candidate for a Superfund remake! I am enjoying the method you are using to introduce bits of color in your B&W photography.

  4. Muy buena la perspectiva hace que podamos imaginar todo lo que no se ve, el blanco y negro el color desaturado te ha quedado estupendo, abrazos

    Very good the perspective does that we could imagine everything what one does not see, the white and black desaturado you have still had the color marvellous, embraces

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