by Robert Santafede

"Split" by Robert Santafede

24 Comments to “Split”

  1. I love train photos. This one is great.

  2. There is something about train pictures that gets me every time! Great shot.

  3. A friend of mine still remembers when 20 years ago I told her that if you miss your train in life, who knows what’s next (I don’t remember that, wow, I was clever at 17 :D).She said she always thought about that, now she can’t complain about her life,she did good. Anyway. To me, this photo is not only about a train, but about a train of life 🙂

  4. Love this shot. Hearing the clickety clack and whistle of a train passing in the night always sends me straight back to childhood.

  5. You have some really beautiful photos on your site. I’m sure I’ll be back often!

  6. I like the photo. Great use of colors.

  7. Wonderful composition… You captured such a nice photograph. I loved it dear Robert, Thank you, with my love, nia

  8. I like this one because it reminds me a bit of a photo essay book my dad had of train photos by Walker Evans or Russell Lee. Can’t remember for sure who it was. I like how you emphasized the tracks.

  9. Wow I agree with everyone that says this is a stunning photograph. So many beautiful lines in this photo. The power lines, grass, railroad tracks. Bravo Robert!!

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