by Robert Santafede

"Draft", an urbex photograph by Robert Santafede

21 Comments to “Draft”

  1. Where do you find all these fascinating places?

    • You’d really be surprised, they’re scattered all over. Unfortunately (or fortunately? depending on how you look at it) a lot of places have been left abandoned and/or unfinished because of the economy. This particular place wasn’t – it was in the middle of a field that looked as though it belonged to farmers, and my guess is it was left abandoned a pretty long time ago.

  2. it does look a bit drafty!

  3. ¡Me encanta!, ¡siendo tan sencilla, y me dice tanto!, saludos

  4. very nice composition

  5. Shut that window and stop the draft !

  6. I don’t know how you managed to stumble my way, but I’m very grateful that you did. Thank you for visiting my blog and letting me know you were there…now I know you’re here, too. I admire your work…the B&W is very compelling. Thank you for sharing, Robert. I shall be following…. Scott

    • Hey Scott! Thanks for your kind words and your visit! I got a link to your blog through Lois’ nomination of your blog on therootsystems. I liked what I saw, great photos. Eager to see more!

      • Hello, Robert…I’m a bit behind in my blog reading and didn’t see the content of her post until last evening…. I’m glad you stopped-by. Thank you for your nice words, too. 🙂

  7. I love shooting through windows, am kind of obsessed with it, actually. They’re the eyes of the building and always make me wonder who else looked through there – especially in this shot! Love the B&W with color on the other side.

    • I agree, it’s a fascination of mine also – and more so when I’m in a house like this. The place was in very bad shape, been neglected for a while. I always feel a bit out of place when I first enter – it’s very quiet, and you want to walk as quietly and softly as possible. It usually feels like one wrong move and the whole place can turn to dust (most times, just figuratively!). I almost always stop at each window, with or without taking a photo, almost to acknowledge and show respect to whoever used to live there. You’re sharing the same view as they did, from probably the same place, just at a different time of life.

  8. This is excellent – the framing’s just tremendous, and a really nice companion to Continuity.

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