The Hungry Ghost Pt. II

by Robert Santafede

"The Hungry Ghost Part II", a black and white photograph by Robert Santafede

Here is Part One if you’ve missed it.

18 Comments to “The Hungry Ghost Pt. II”

  1. very creepy shot, awesome.

  2. Where can I find Part I? I hate coming in at the middle of a series and not knowing what comes before! ;o)

  3. I think I like this view better than 1. Great photo.

    • Thanks Angeline! This is the view from behind that house. When I returned and took this photo, I wasn’t really dressed to go in – wasn’t quite aware how bad it was inside. Hopefully I will get to go back and head inside soon.

  4. The sucking blackness of the windows on the left make this for me. Delciously creepy capture!

  5. Very nice!

  6. Love to find this kind of place for treasure hunt but wisdom says head in other direction. Now.

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