Anger Management

by Robert Santafede

"Anger Management" a photograph by Robert Santafede

This was taken inside of an abandoned house while urbexing. The cassette tape (still in color) was one of many in a series on “How To Deal With Anger”. There were two others I found scattered throughout the house, the first and fourth.

I don’t move anything inside the places I find, but I thought about doing it for this one to make the title more obvious.  However, I really couldn’t think of a way to place them all without it looking contrived, so they stayed where they were.



22 Comments to “Anger Management”

  1. I’d not seen the cassette, but the title works still well, as I assumed the container had been chucked through the window, the broken glass from which is not lies on. Nice shot! 🙂

  2. Love the cassette, great pic!!

  3. This is perfect as it is. My eyes were immediate drawn to the tape, as small as it is, because of the color. I looked at the way the glass was broken and all the debris and thought to myself that whoever created that mess certainly needed some anger management classes. I had to laugh when I read that you’d found those tapes there!

  4. Great one, so impressive and I loved that you made B & W… Thank you dear Robert, with my love, nia

  5. good that you left them where they were. It only takes one to make the story… though looking at this picture, who knows whether he or she managed…

    • I don’t think they did. This place seemed to escape vandalism, there wasn’t much proof there was many people there before me. No graffiti, etc. I noticed quite a few holes in the wall, about the size of a fist – also at the correct height. Broken dishes, mirrors, and the like. Some pretty heavy anger issues, I would imagine. That remains speculative though, I really have no way of knowing for sure!

  6. Looks great to me.. I was drawn straight to the colour..

  7. this is hilarious and a wonderful photo. I don’t however think the tapes worked very well or they’d have taken better care of them.

  8. If that container contained gasoline we have a super anger management problem !

  9. There’s a great story, or poem or play there. I want to know the whole story. It’s a very good shot – leaves you wondering…

  10. A great composition Robert and the handling of the tones is most excellent. The diagonals are all slightly at odds with each other and the framing is perfect. Like the smooth against the texture. Very nice.
    Regards, John.

  11. how cool.
    fab find Robert.

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