Big Bang

by Robert Santafede

"Big Bang", photography by Robert Santafede

6 Comments to “Big Bang”

  1. i hope you didn’t spend too much time in this building. It looks like it will fall down any minute but the photos are really nice.

    • Thanks Ken. I was probably there for about two hours. This place really wasn’t too bad. Structural damage doesn’t concern me as bad as some other things. You can usually get a feel for the place before going in by the way it’s setting and what the walls & floor look like on the outside. You never rush in though for sure. 🙂

      The ones that *REALLY* give me pause are old industrial warehouses. Those can get fairly nasty and I will usually use a respirator, gloves, etc – especially when you know there are boiler rooms and such. There are way too many hazards, chemically and otherwise, that can catch you offguard. Especially in poorly lit (or dark) rooms.

  2. How cool.
    I love decay.

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