Channel 3

by Robert Santafede

"Channel Three" by Robert Santafede

36 Comments to “Channel 3”

  1. Wow, Wow, Wow.. just amazing …..

  2. That can be such a kick ass place for a fashion photo shoot!

    • Thanks! Yeah, it was a pretty interesting place – literally in the middle of nowhere. I have a few more from this place I should be posting during the week.

      The surprising thing is there was zero graffiti. Finding abandoned places that are still clean (sort of?) is pretty challenging.

  3. A very interesting shot. It tells a story!

  4. Great composition. The windows are like 2 eyes letting in the light.

    • Thank you Carl! I thought so also, and positioned myself as if I were a television looking back at the family for a unique angle, (thus channel three). Thank you for your comment!

  5. Channel 3,4&8! Love this.

  6. Would be good for a Fabreeze commercial!

  7. It’s like the house wants you to come in, sit down, and listen to its stories. Great shot!

    • Thank you Lisa! I wonder what it would talk about. Just from what I discovered walking around the place, a boy and girl lived there as there were two bedrooms – one with pink walls, the other blue.

  8. Sabotage of a once. Still alive collecting dust, soul charging impatience of time.

    Robert, my words your have impacted, lacing my tongue for now. I could write a novel on this device. Nonetheless this is the brilliant reminder of a post life residue. I am in love with your lens : )

  9. The sofa is worn out and old, but still looks good.

  10. I was thinking the same thing Laviebohemeart! Just awesome, with or without people.

  11. So many stories here. And all kinds of emotions – great capture, Robert!

  12. ‘d Love to see this in dramatic B/W!
    Nice shot, Robert!

    • Thank you! I actually did convert it to b&w, but I really liked those pale blues! I may go back and get some more photos of it from a different angle and go go full black and white. Hope it’s still there!

  13. Thanks for liking my recent blog post. Visiting your blog for the first time and this photo jumped out at me. Incredibly haunting and interesting. Love the crooked lines.

  14. Fascinated me these tones of the blue colour in this photograph… wonderful composition you captured. Thank you dear Robert, with my love, nia

  15. What a beautiful piece….

  16. The textures you come up with are amazing!

  17. Oh my, breathtaking! The back light, the luminescence of the fabric. Thank you so much for sharing THIS! You can create the story of a generation around this photo. I can imagine it as the inspiration for a creative writing class.

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