Pins & Needles

by Robert Santafede

"Pins And Needles" by Robert Santafede

12 Comments to “Pins & Needles”

  1. Do I want to be on the outside looking in or vice versa?

  2. It’s Half-Life 2 all over again! GJ on the dark pic.

  3. I grow quiet inside seeing this–and not a good quiet! Is that a saw I hear?

  4. Robert, I am in awe of quite lot of your work but this one stands out for me. The decay, dirt, metal grill, light and rust work so well. I love the balance, great composition

    • Oops, sorry for not responding quicker. I’m not sure how I missed this comment, but thank you CerebralCausality! I enjoy your blog also, excellent photos and great writing!

      • Thanks Robert.
        your work is extremely expressive and I really enjoy your chosen subject matter

        • Thank you again! After each post, I almost expect someone to leave a comment asking why you would bother taking a photo of this.. But I’m pleasantly surprised and always happy to know there are people out there who find these things interesting also. BTW, I really liked the angles you used in “Canopy Delight”!

  5. Was this shot taken inside an asylum? This is a powerful shot and quite disturbing. It does make you want to spend a lot of time with it.

    • I wish! This was just from a random warehouse in an industrial section of town. The whole place had been cleaned out so I really have no idea what was done in there. It also looked like a majority of the copper was stripped out. I only know of one abandoned asylum nearby, but it’s gated up. I actually don’t go into places that are locked up or trespass. It really limits your choices, but when you find a great location that has neither, it makes it all the better.

      At this point I’m going to begin researching more about who owns a few places around here and see if I can get permission, sign a liability waiver, whatever, to be able to go in – or I will surely be running out of photos!

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