One Wish

by Robert Santafede

"One Wish" a photograph by Robert Santafede.

18 Comments to “One Wish”

  1. wow, very powerful! Great image!!!

  2. I had a poem published about this. It is also a blog post 2/3/12.

  3. Very interesting post Robert..

  4. wow. what a statement.

  5. Great image and great project! I hadn’t heard about it before.

    The “selfish” me would write: “I wish this was a gallery showcasing my critically aclaimed photos”

    but, more likely, (since I’m not a selfish person), I would write: “I wish this was a wildlife sanctuary”.

    • Thank you Milkay! I can certainly identify with both of your wishes! Haha. 🙂

      This was actually near where the ‘Occupy’ protests were happening. I have a few more that I will be putting up here soon. It’s always a pleasant surprise finding things like this.

      Simple, but strong.

  6. I do not have to wish for thanking you or the “LIKE”…and am thankful only have to “LOOK” a bit more…at your beautifully presented blog.

  7. Really like this! As others have said, a very powerful image.

  8. Very cool.
    Love the portrait.

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