by Robert Santafede

"Armor" A photograph by Robert Santafede

12 Comments to “Armor”

  1. Great Image.. We have the same eye with texture and distressed walls. They are so cool, I also love rusted pipes and metals..

  2. Yes to the texture, but it is also getting the camera level so that the image is precisely square on to the horizontal and vertical lines of the brick, so that deviations from the vertical/ horizontal become piquant. (Thanks for the “like”, what did you like about it?)

  3. This is a great shot also… I never seem to get my shots exactly level, even though I think they’re level when I take them!

  4. This rocks, Robert. I’d hang this in my living room.

  5. Great shot. Wow. Can’t decide if it’s more Mondrian or Klee!

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