Hotel Morning

by Robert Santafede

"Hotel Morning" by Robert Santafede

19 Comments to “Hotel Morning”

  1. That just has a comfy feel to it.

  2. Very inviting photograph. Makes me feel as though I am sitting in the chair next to this window.

  3. What a beautiful window… it exactly makes us to want to be there…. The colours, the view and the curtain they are in a big harmony. You captured so beautifully,dear Robert, Thank you, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  4. A lovely image, you’ve seen the colours so well.

  5. Great capture of light and shadows. Soft.

  6. I love the colors, and the natural frame created by the curtains and the shadow below the trees.

  7. just such a lovely photograph, Robert

  8. This is so beautiful.

  9. Love everything about this picture! So nice 🙂

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