by Robert Santafede

robert santafede fortune

5 Comments to “Fortune”

  1. Nice artistic composition, and a good fortune.

  2. Oh what a masterfully-presented photograph. THIS is what jurors of art are always on the lookout for–pictures which include a ‘story’. I love this. It is playful and yet full of inherent wisdom. Good on you, Robert. This is well composed and well-taken, and draws one into itself.

    I can’t resist mentioning as an aside that for years I carried this fortune cookie paper in my wallet. It was in a cookie I opened at one of those ‘all you can eat’ buffet-type restaurants. It said, “You will meet a handsome man–(hope you like men)”. I laughed til my chair almost tipped over.

    • Thanks Lance, and too funny about the fortune cookie! I don’t think I’ve ever got one as creative as that, aside from the clichéd “that’s not chicken you just ate. :)” one.

  3. Amazing. You did great photograph, fascinated me dear Robert, Thank you, with my love, nia

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