by Robert Santafede

"Shield" by Robert Santafede

24 Comments to “Shield”

  1. Crucifixion of the Trinity ?

    • It actually took me a little while to understand what you meant. But that’s an interesting observation, I never looked at it like that! Thanks for your comment, Carl!

  2. cool and dramatic photo

  3. I like the wild, out of control look here. Great!

  4. Someone wanted a trellis for the vines, but forgot the door was there? Great photo!

  5. Wonderful photo – and a perfect title. I like the contrast of the growing vines and the blocked door – wonder what it used to be for?

  6. No way in, or no way out?

  7. Very nice!

  8. Really like the patterning in this one. The hard lines of the trellis and the softeness of the vines. A curious place..

  9. Great capture!

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