“..got the whole world…”

by Robert Santafede

"Got The Whole World". A photography by Robert Santafede.

23 Comments to ““..got the whole world…””

  1. I love this….what a great shot:)

  2. Excellent Robert.. nice blurring of the background so the focus is just on him…love it

  3. A great shot. Intense expression and concentration.

  4. Very cool, Robert. Is that one of those Fushigi Magic Gravity Balls I’ve seen infomercials for?

    • Hmm, I honestly am not sure – I just searched that and it looks like it could be, looks very similar but could not find the weight. The ones he was using were fairly heavy. Very cool to watch though, especially when he began using three at a time!

  5. Very intense. Great capture.

  6. Hey Robert, I’m giving you the ” The Genuine Blogger Award! ” You have a great blog and your images are just great! Enjoy it!!!!! Honestly don;t know how this works, but have you have to say 7 random things about you and then nominate 7 other blogs and pick the one you like the most! Have fun.. Laz

  7. Amazing photograph… In many ways standing great. Thank you dear Robert, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  8. Looks like a Fushigi. Amazing shot though. Great job!

  9. I love this photograph!

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